Competitive Travel Ball

Jack 9

Jack 9 Baseball Development Program is a competitive tournament / travel ball team who’s goal is to deliver a pipeline of hungry/humble, well rounded, educated physically fit, and dynamic future leaders to the communities they live and serve.

These future leaders will be fully prepared, and trained with the connections, tools, experiences, and mind set necessary to succeed in extremely competitive challenges in sports, business, or life.

The Jack 9 Baseball Club is the model in which Home Field 4 Champions foundations and goals are built on.

Derron Spiller and Josh Power-Gomez hand select players ages 14 to 16 to play competitive travel ball throughout Southern California.

Teams will also be presented in tournaments potentially qualifying for the USA Jr, Olympics.


Rip Baseball is a competitive tournament team led by PowerGomez Baseball. These teams are comprised of hand-picked players ages 9-11 from throughout Southern California. Rip players are among the best young players in the region, with aspirations of continued play into high school and beyond.

Rip Baseball is a program that began in North County San Diego in 2004, and was comprised of a group of players that played in the 2005 LLWS – The team included Josh Power-Gomez.

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