Power-Gomez Baseball Hitting Instruction

Hitting is the most focused single entity of baseball.

Power-Gomez Baseball believes that quality hitting instruction isn’t about style, mechanics, bat speed, linear or rotational – it’s about being able to embrace each individual player, and based on their characteristics, enhance strengths and overcome weaknesses.

Quality hitting instruction isn’t an easy thing to find. The unfortunate reality is, quality hitting instruction from an instructor that has the ability to train a group of players with focus on each individual’s strength and weaknesses is few and far between.

Josh Power-Gomez Gomez is arguable the most successful hitting coach in the area – based on successes from rec ball. high school, college and MLB players.


Power-Gomez Online Hitting Instruction

The Power-Gomez Online Hitting Program is designed to give the same quality hitting instruction to those that don’t have the time to spend in our Newbury Park facility, or enjoy being able to upload a video pre-game, and get tuned up for at bats.

The PowerGomez program :